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  1. Hello im Decipher i will be helping dev side from time to time looking forward to be in this community and watch flex grow this RSPS.
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    THESE ARE THE RULES FOR GUTHIX RSPS - Advertising - Anyone caught advertising another server or inviting a player to another server will be Banned, this can be appealed on the forums. Try not to mention other servers if you could. - Auto-clicking/Macroing - Auto-clicking will result in the stat you are botting being reset. Being caught doing this a second time will result in all of your stats will be reset. A third time you will be banned. All of these can be appealed on the forums. - Scamming - All scams be it trading, gambling or staking need to have recorded proof or no action will be taken against the player in question. If you have a recording of the scam please pm and staff member on forums, Discord or in game with a link to the video. DO NOT spam the help cc or yell that you have been scammed, you will be warned if you do so. And if you do it again you will be muted. The mute can be appealed on forums. If you have video proof of the scam the player will be Cpu/ip banned forever with no chance for appeal and you will be refunded the items promised in said video. In the event you disconnect from a pking or duel you will not be refunded as this is not a scam. If the player says they want to do EXP. 10b vs 10b and all the requirements for us to seek punishment are met, and said player does not have 10b to give, you WILL NOT be given the promised 10b as it did not exist in the first place. (Please trade to see if the player has items/coins to bet. Logs can be checked to see if it was moved to another account in any way shape or form.) - Abusive language - This rule is open to the staff members interpretation of what is and is not acceptable to be said in game. Casual cussing is allowed. Excessive cussing will result in a warning. If it continues a mute. This mute can be appealed on forums. Genuine hate speech (Racial slurs, homophobia.) will result in a mute. that can be appealed on forums. Every situation is different but here at Destined Kronos we ask the you treat your fellow player and staff team with respect! Arguing for any reason in help cc or yell will result in a warning and if it continues a mute. The mute can be appealed on forums. - Hacking and threats - If you are to attempt to hack or acquire someones account or real world info or ip address via are Discord, server or forums you will be perm banned with no chance to appeal. If you are making threats to someone of any kind you will be banned this can be appealed on forums depending on what was said and why. - Punishment evasion - If a staff member were to mute you and you chose to log in to a second account to flame or continue breaking rules this will result in a ban. The ban can be appeal on forums. If you attempt to evade a ban before appealing you will be ip-banned. This can be appealed on forums. - Bug abuse - If caught intentionally bug abusing you will be ip-banned or cpu banned. This can be appealed on the forums. If you are to find a bug of any kind we suggest you pm someone in management about it. If no one in management is available please contact a highest ranking staff member you can. Via discord or in game private messages or forum private messaging. - Charge backs and Real world trading - This is a cpu/ip-ban in game, Discord and the forums there is no chance to appeal this. - Encouraging others to break rules - If caught no matter the reason this will result in a mute. If you are encouraging players to assist you in game breaking bugs such as item duping this will result in a ban/ip-ban. This can be appealed on the forums. - Luring/Ragging/Pk point farming - If you are caught or recorded luring(Tricking a player in to losing there valuable items.) or Ragging(Repeatedly attacking someone not for the sake of pking but to prevent them from doing so.) you will be banned. This can be appealed on the forums. Teleblocking on 1 account and barraging on another account you own, Will result in a Ban. pking on two accounts on the same ip will result in a ban, no matter what you're doing. Pk point farming will result in a ip-ban that can not be appealed on forums. - VPN Voting - If caught you will be warned and then proper action will be taken to prevent you from doing this in the future. - Staff impersonation - Pretending to be a staff member for any reason will result in a ban. This ban can be appealed on the forums. - Discord Behavior - In discord we ask that you be respectful and keep the banter lite. Disrespecting Staff or a player will result in a temp-mute that can not be appealed. If it continues you will be perm banned from the Discord server. Thanks for reading! ~The Guthix RSPS Staff Team
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    OSRS Donations

    If you want to OSRS gold message Decipher#8596 he will take them via discord Current Rates 1mil osrs to 1$ Donation
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    Commands List

    All - ::drops - Opens up a drop table interface ::search - Allow you to search for items example, ::search Abyssal Whip ::maxhit - Shows your current max hit ::vote - Takes you to the voting area ::store - Takes you to the store of Guthix RSPS. ::auth - Will redeem your votes ::commands - Opens this website :P ::referral - Allows you and the person that referred you to get Bonus's ::donorinfo - Opens up the donation benefits ::claim - Claims the items you have donated for. ::discord - Opens the discord server and invites you to our server. ::rules - opens the servers list of rules. ::toggleglobalmessages - Turns of the global messages. ::hiscores - Opens up the highscores ::home - Teleports you to home ::gamble - Teleports you to the gamble area ::help - sends a message to staff members online that you are stuck and in an emergency ::players - opens up an interface with all the players online Donator - ::yell - allows you to speak to the entire server at once ::dzone - teleports you to the donator area