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All -

::drops - Opens up a drop table interface 

::search - Allow you to search for items example, ::search Abyssal Whip

::maxhit - Shows your current max hit

::vote - Takes you to the voting area

::store - Takes you to the store of Guthix RSPS.

::auth - Will redeem your votes

::commands - Opens this website :P

::referral  - Allows you and the person that referred you to get Bonus's

::donorinfo - Opens up the donation benefits

::claim - Claims the items you have donated for.

::discord - Opens the discord server and invites you to our server.

::rules - opens the servers list of rules.

::toggleglobalmessages - Turns of the global messages.

::hiscores - Opens up the highscores

::home - Teleports you to home

::gamble - Teleports you to the gamble area

::help - sends a message to staff members online that you are stuck and in an emergency 

::players - opens up an interface with all the players online

Donator - 

::yell - allows you to speak to the entire server at once

::dzone - teleports you to the donator area 


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